Airbiquity’s achievements have attracted the financial commitment of a number of visionary companies and individuals, including:

Acorn Ventures

Acorn Ventures is an “angel” investment fund headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Acorn Ventures was founded by Rufus W. Lumry in 1991 after his retirement as EVP/CFO for McCaw Cellular Communications (now AT&T Wireless). Acorn's goal is to help early-stage companies achieve their future dreams — whatever they may be. They have provided both capital and expertise to more than a dozen private and public companies since that time.

Ignition Partners

Ignition Partners is a premier private investment group with offices in Bellevue, Washington and Shanghai, China. Ignition Partners' affiliated family of funds includes Ignition Ventures and Ignition Growth Capital in the U.S. and Qiming Ventures in China. The investment group's three categories of funds — early stage venture, growth capital and China ventures — brings together an unparalleled combination of domain focus, functional expertise and global operational experience with partners from leadership positions at Microsoft, McCaw Cellular Communications, AT&T Wireless, Cisco, Starbucks and other industry leaders.

Kirnaf Ltd.

Kirnaf was registered in the Cayman Islands in 1996. Its focus is in equity investment and the stock market. Kirnaf’s portfolio covers the entire world, however, its main investment is in the United States. Kirnaf LTD. has a very big interest in information technology.

Shell Internet Ventures

Shell Internet Ventures B.V. is a corporate venture capital fund established by the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of companies in November 2000 to make minority equity investments in early-stage companies in technology areas relevant to Shell's current and future operations. The fund invests in high-growth, early- and expansion-stage companies in the software, Internet and business communications services sectors.

The Royal Dutch/Shell Group of companies is a diverse group of energy companies with operations in more than 130 countries. The Group's businesses include oil and gas exploration and production; power generation; manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals and renewable energy products, including wind and solar power. The Group's parent companies are Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, which has a 60% interest in the Group, and The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company plc, which has a 40% interest in the Group. Shares in the parent companies are traded on stock exchanges in Europe and in the U.S.