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Events Schedule

TU-Automotive Europe 2016

Vector Congress

Every two years, more than 200 engineers from the automotive and commercial vehicle industry convene at the Vector Congress in Novi, Michigan. You are encouraged to come to this informative event and learn more about the key topics that are driving the automotive industry today and in the future. The Vector Congress offers several chances to network and view the latest product demonstrations from Vector and some of our partner companies.

TU-Automotive Europe 2016

escar Europe

escar conference started in 2003 and is the world’s leading automotive Cyber Security conference. Last year the Conference in Cologne, Germany reached the highest number of attendees since it started. The attendees and exhibitors enjoyed insightful and cheerful escar days, interesting talks and good networking. Modern cars have become complex digital devices and automotive Cyber Security is one of the most important issues. Therefore, the overall goal and objective of escar is to provide a forum for collaboration among private industry, academia, and government regarding modern in-vehicle Cyber Security threats, vulnerabilities, and risk mitigation/countermeasures. Escar offers an opportunity for information exchange, networking and is a platform to define research needs. International and high-quality speakers give recent insights and encourage discussions.

TU-Automotive Europe 2016

TU-Automotive Europe 2017

For 15 years the TU-Automotive Europe Conference & Exhibition has been the central meeting place for those at the forefront of connected car innovation and business strategy. Reserve the brochure here. We are currently putting together the programme for 2017. Executives from the leading OEMs, tier1s, telematics services providers, telecoms and government bodies will gather to develop robust proof of concepts, agile business models and effective innovation processes to bring the auto industry up-to-date with the digital revolution.

TU-Automotive Europe 2016


The international VDI-Kongress ELIV (ELectronics In Vehicles) is the event for all experts on the topics of electrics, electronics and system integration of mechanics and electronics. For over 30 years, decision-makers and specialists from vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and universities have been meeting to discuss innovation, exchange ideas, and set the course for important future decisions.

TU-Automotive Europe 2016

TU-Automotive Japan 2017

Vehicle connectivity and ADAS/autonomous technologies are indispensable for the future vehicle, one that can communicate with the world outside and drive itself powered by AI and sensors. Technologies both in and outside the vehicle are combining to create mobility-changing services, above and beyond conventional telematics and infotainment. What services will future users will demand, and how they can be realized and delivered? TU-Automotive Japan 2017 will consolidate your understanding of the challenges ahead for the connected and autonomous vehicle. Gain insight from and debate with industry leaders and define your strategy for technology, the changing mobility landscape and user requirements.