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Webinar Series

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates have become a check-off requirement for connected cars, and their importance will increase as sophisticated autonomous driving systems are introduced. Simultaneously, a cadre of OTA suppliers have emerged challenging automakers to get up-to-speed on new functional requirements and evaluating service delivery capabilities. This webinar summarizes what’s happening in this fast-moving space, why it’s crucial for the evolution of automotive, and who is best positioned to understand the challenges and provide solutions for keeping software secure and up-to-date. Read More
Automakers face significant challenges educating dealers on the features and consumer benefits of their connected car services. While well intentioned, the majority of dealers undersell these less-understood services in favor of more traditional vehicle features like design, drivetrain, and safety. Solving this challenge can lead to improved consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty, and higher connected car program return-on-investment (ROI). This webinar identifies best practices for overcoming dealer education hurdles and illustrates the ROI benefit of investing in dealer training, support, and incentives. Read More
Car makers are undergoing transformational change in the packaging and pricing of connected car services. An underlying reason is a more sophisticated understanding of the value of vehicle connectivity beyond infotainment such as remote diagnostics, over-the-air (OTA) software updates, warranty analysis, and consumer usage analysis. This webinar explains how these new priorities are leading automakers to deploy standard-fit telematics programs with longer free subscription periods, and develop more holistic return-on-investment (ROI) perspectives and goals. Read More
Automakers strive to identify which new features and services should be offered on different makes and models, and opportunities to de-spec legacy technologies such as CDs. A lack of detailed usage data from the vehicles themselves makes this job even harder. In this webinar SBD presents survey results jointly prepared with Nielsen analyzing how consumers are actually interacting with their connected cars, and the opportunities automakers have to translate that usage into brand loyalty leading to the next vehicle purchase. Read More
SBD presents connected car service research and insights illustrating why the biggest challenges the automotive industry faces today are not just technical – but organizational. By increasing our understanding of organizational issues negatively impacting consumer use of connected car services we can become change agents in our own companies and catalysts for business success. Read More