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Leverage Usage Data to Develop More Customer-Centric Connected Car Programs

2015 Episode 2:

Leverage Usage Data to Develop More Customer-Centric Connected Car Programs

  • Presenter: Andrew Hart, Director, SBD
  • Panelists: Karl Greenberg, Scott Frank, Mike Chadsey
  • Date: June 30th, 2015 at 6am PST

Automakers strive to identify which new features and services should be offered on different makes and models, and opportunities to de-spec legacy technologies such as CDs. A lack of detailed usage data from the vehicles themselves makes this job even harder. In this webinar SBD presents survey results jointly prepared with Nielsen analyzing how consumers are actually interacting with their connected cars, and the opportunities automakers have to translate that usage into brand loyalty leading to the next vehicle purchase.

About the Presenter:

Andrew Hart_whitbg.png

Andrew Hart is a strong believer in the role great market research can (and should) play in helping companies innovate. Andrew is responsible for setting the direction of SBD's research efforts, and ensuring key insights are clearly communicated to customers and the broader industry. Whilst originally from a mechanical engineering background, Andrew now works tirelessly with automotive customers and speaks passionately at industry conferences to encourage a change of mind-set away from engineering-based solutions towards consumer-centric innovations.

About the Panelists:

Mike Chadsey, Vice President, Group Client Director at Nielsen Company

Responsible for the go-to-market strategy for automotive, industrial and financial services clients within Nielsen's Consumer Insights North America Division. This includes development of client strategies, establishing sales targets, managing sales staff , cross functional coordination with other Nielsen assets/divisions and aligning Nielsen capabilities with client business needs.

Scott Frank, Vice President of Marketing, Airbiquity

Before joining Airbiquity in 2013, Scott worked at leading communications, publishing, and technology companies for more than 25 years including J. Walter Thompson, IDC, IBM and Microsoft. Scott has developed, deployed, and optimized integrated marketing programs on a global, national and regional scale throughout his career. He earned B.S. in advertising from Syracuse University.

Karl Greenberg, Automotive Editor, MediaPostKarl covers consumer-brand marketing, with a focus on the automotive business. He previously served as the automotive marketing reporter at Brandweek and the Internet marketing technology reporter for the long-defunct Adweek IQ. Before that he was the petrochemicals editor at the Chemical Market Reporter. And before that — way before that — he was your typical struggling New York actor.

Karl writes about advertising, media, retail and after-market; sponsorships, partnerships and affinity marketing; media spend, mix and strategy; U.S. sales, and share and market dynamics. He also covers sports marketing, the CPG category, and anything happening in New York.

He is former VP of the International Motor Press Association, likes to do standup comedy every so often and plays a mean jazz guitar (If he says so himself).

View video here.

Download slides here.

Airbiquity 2015 Connected Car Webinar Series:

Auto Industry Imperative - Increasing Consumer Use of Connected Car Services

We’ve collectively spent billions of dollars designing and producing connected car services with mixed results, and consumer expectations will only increase. So now is the time to reflect on what we’ve done right—what we’ve done wrong—and evolve. Only by increasing consumer use of connected car services will we achieve our return-on-investment and customer satisfaction goals.

Airbiquity’s 2015 webinar series features new research-based insights on connected car service delivery and consumer usage from SBD, a leading automotive industry research and consulting firm. Each webinar’s insights presentation is followed by a panel discussion with select automotive industry opinion leaders and press.