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What's Standing Between Your Organization and a Successful Connected Car Services Program?

2015 Episode 1:

What's Standing Between Your Organization and a Successful Connected Car Services Program?

  • Presenter: Andrew Hart, Director, SBD
  • Date: March 31st, 2015 at 8am PST

SBD presents multiple connected car service studies and insights to illustrate why the biggest challenges the automotive industry faces today are not only technical – but organizational. By increasing our understanding of the organizational issues negatively impacting consumer use of connected car services we can become change agents in our own companies and catalysts for business success.

About the Presenter:

 Andrew Hart_whitbg.png

Andrew Hart is a strong believer in the role great market research can (and should) play in helping companies innovate. Andrew is responsible for setting the direction of SBD's research efforts, and ensuring key insights are clearly communicated to customers and the broader industry. Whilst originally from a mechanical engineering background, Andrew now works tirelessly with automotive customers and speaks passionately at industry conferences to encourage a change of mind-set away from engineering-based solutions towards consumer-centric innovations.

View video here.

Download slides here.

Airbiquity 2015 Connected Car Webinar Series:

An Auto Industry Imperative - Increasing Consumer Use of Connected Car Services

We’ve collectively spent billions of dollars designing and producing connected car services with mixed results, and consumer expectations will only increase. So now is the time to reflect on what we’ve done right—what we’ve done wrong—and evolve. Only by increasing consumer use of connected car services will we achieve our return-on investment and customer satisfaction goals.

Our 2015 webinar series features new research-based insights on consumer use of connected car services from SBD, a leading automotive industry research and consulting firm. Each webinar's insights presentation will be followed by a short panel discussion with select automotive industry opinion leaders and press. We hope you will attend one or more of our webinars and find the information useful for furthering your connected car services program ambitions and success.