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Infographic: Data Takes a Front Seat as Connected Cars Merge into the Internet of Things

Over the next two years, McKinsey & Company projects that the number of connected cars worldwide will jump from 68 million to a staggering 152 million by 2020 - and those vehicles will generate over 11 million gigabytes of data. As a direct result, automakers and their partners will be able to tap into a new wave of data and analytics powered functions and services.

Airbiquity is at the forefront of automotive data collection with OTAmatic™, a cloud-based over-the-air (OTA) service delivery capability that provides an embedded software update and data management solution for connected vehicles.

As data becomes increasingly accessible and interconnected due to the Internet of Things (IoT), the possibilities are endless - not only for the automotive industry, but also companies in tangential fields, including insurance, retail and tech. In fact, we can expect an increase of data collection in four key areas: data interaction between passenger and vehicle, vehicle operation and function, road and city infrastructure, and data monetization.

This infographic shows the value data currently provides the automotive industry, new insights that can be extracted from connected vehicle data, and how data and analytics will transform the future of transportation.


Data Infographic-FINALimage-1200.png

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