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Q2 2015 Newsletter

Webinar Series Episodes One and Two

Our 2015 Webinar Series focus on an annual theme:

Auto Industry Imperative - Increasing Consumer Use of Connected Car Services


We’ve collectively spent billions of dollars designing and producing connected car services with mixed results, and consumer expectations will only increase. So now is the time to reflect on what we’ve done right—what we’ve done wrong—and evolve. Only by increasing consumer use of connected car services will we achieve our return-on-investment and customer satisfaction goals.

Airbiquity’s 2015 webinar series features new research-based insights on connected car service delivery and consumer usage from SBD, a leading automotive industry research and consulting firm. Each webinar’s insights presentation is followed by a panel discussion with select automotive industry opinion leaders and press.

Episode One: What's Standing Between Your Organization and a Successful Connected Car Services Program?

  • Click here for more information and links to a video recording of the webinar.

Episode Two: Leverage Usage Data to Develop More Customer-Centric Connected Car Programs

  • Click here for more information and links to a video recording of the webinar.

TU-Automotive Detroit

It was a great year at TU-Automotive Detroit this year. Airbiquity had an updated exhibit with new half-wall partitions featuring the four pillars of a successful connected car program: Configurable, Scalable, Manageable, and Reliable.

Scott Frank, Airbiquity's Vice President of Marketing, was featured in the keynote "Rough Road Ahead on the Connected Car Highway" highlighting the strategic decisions facing automakers as they bring connected car programs to market and explore key elements to a successful strategy and execution, including customer experience, usability, and telematics service delivery performance.

Our most exciting moment at TU-Automotive Detroit this year was when Airbiquity won the Telematics Service Provide of the Year award for Choreo, our cloud-based connected car service delivery platform.

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of the event.


Opinion: Is the Hysteria Around Car Hacking Built on the Truth?

By Scott Frank, Vice President of Marketing, Airbiquity.

This article originally appeared on Embedded Computing Design.

After the recent 60 Minutes segment aired on national television regarding the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) work on privacy and security as it relates to IoT and the increasing number of connected devices, the media was buzzing about the connected car industry.

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Opinion: The Car in the Cloud


By Scott Frank, Vice President of Airbiquity.

This article originally appeared on M2Mnow.

One of technology’s hottest buzzwords – “cloud” – is quickly becoming attached to multiple industries, and automotive is no exception with connected cars being the latest connected “device” in the increasingly digital world we live in. With a prediction of a quarter billion connected cars on the road by 2020, according to Gartner, and the increasing amount of time we spend in cars every day, it’s no surprise there’s a growing awareness and interest in connected cars.

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