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Q3 2016 Newsletter

New Product Launch: Software & Data Management Offering

Airbiquity's latest product offering—Software & Data Management—leverages cloud-based service elivery to update vehicle software over-the-air (OTA) and transmit vehicle diagnostic and operational data to the cloud for aggregation and analytics. The result is significant automaker savings in recall expense, improved cyber-security response, and the ability to proactively improve vehicle performance and features post-sale. Airbiquity's innovative approach takes the complexity out of managing vehicle software update and data campaigns at scale with highly refined vehicle, system, and component level targeting, discreet policy and privacy controls, and campaign specific consumer notifications and messaging.

Learn more about this innovative and feature rich product offering here.

Conference Participation: TU-Automotive Detroit Event and Awards Sponsorship

The TU-Automotive Awards are the most prestigious and anticipated awards in the connected car industry. The annual ceremony brings together the leading customers and vendors of the connected car industry to highlight innovation and quality of product and service delivery. This was the first time Airbiquity sponsored the Awards and a very good time was had by all.

TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 was as big as ever. Airbiquity was very busy briefing customers and analysts on our new Software & Data Management product offering and announcing a technology integration agreement with EnGIS Technologies and extension of infotainment service delivery for the NissanConnect Mobile Apps and Infiniti InTouch Apps programs. Scott Frank, Airbiquity also participated in a panel discussion on the convergence of connected car and home service delivery.

Executive Video Interview: Evolution of Connected Car Cloud Service Delivery

In this video interview with Scott Frank, Vice President of Marketing at Airbiquity, we learn how cloud services are enabling connected cars to become increasingly intelligent for automakers and consumers alike. Believe it or not, connected cars have been around for going on twenty years now, and we've gone through two distinct phases so far, the last one being infotainment. But we're quickly entering the third phase—driving centric services—which will herald an entirely new customer experience powered by on-board and off-board data and analytics. The good news is making this a reality will keep the fast-growing automotive telematics community on the customer and vendor sides very, very busy!

Webinar: OTA Software Updates Featuring Roger Lanctot from Strategy Analytics

Airbiquity's latest webinar featured Roger Lanctot of Strategy Analytics speaking to the increasing importance of enabling software management for connected cars, and the challenges the industry faces to overcome technical and organizational hurdles such as digitization, electrification, personalization, connectivity, ownership models, and autonomy. After his presentation of research and insights Roger moderated a short panel discussion with Kamyar Moinzadeh, President and CEO of Airbiquity, and Yoram Berholtz, Director of Business Development of Argus Cyber Security.

Click the image on the right to view a recording of the webinar, and download the slides here.