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Q4 2016 Newsletter

TU-Automotive Japan and Europe

Airbiquity's Fall 2016 event schedule included continued sponsorship of both TU-Automotive Japan and TU-Automotive Europe, the largest conference and exhibitions dedicated to automotive telematics in their respective regions. These events bring together industry thought leaders, executives, and managers working in connected vehicle, autonomous, and mobility to discuss issues and share insights. In addition to participating in these events Airbiquity showcased our latest product offering—Software & Data Management—to customers, analysts, and press.

Scott TU Japan 2016-curves_500.jpg

Scott Frank, Airbiquity Vice President of Marketing (Far Left)

TU-Automotive Japan 2016

TU-Automotive Japan addressed how IoT, Artificial Intelligence and other technological advancements can be leveraged to create new business models in the evolving automotive ecosystem.

Scott Frank, Airbiquity Vice President of Marketing, participated in the "Crowd Pleasing Services" panel discussion about how changing consumer mobility needs are impacting the approaches and services automakers and service providers must consider in the future.


TU-Automotive Europe 2016

Scott TU-Europe panel-curves_500.png

Scott Frank, Airbiquity Vice President of Marketing (Far Left)

TU-Automotive Europe was organized around three pillars of automotive telematics technology and service delivery evolution: connectivity, mobility, and autonomy.

Scott Frank, Airbiquity Vice President of Marketing, participated in the "Automotive Software Recalls: Over the Air Not Under the Radar" panel discussion with executives from Ericsson, Harmon, and Strategy Analytics about the issues related to designing and deploying over-the-air (OTA) software update technology and services.



TU-Automotive Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Update Webinar

"Automotive OTA Updates - The Billion Dollar Battleground"

Click to Launch Webinar (YouTube)

Airbiquity participated in a TU-Automotive webinar on over-the-air (OTA) software updates for connected vehicles, a new technology development area that promises to save automakers billions of dollars of annual expense once implemented.

Industry experts from Volvo and Airbiquity explained how the development of OTA deployment strategies, management methodologies, and service delivery approaches are creating the next big competitive battle ground for automakers and suppliers alike. Lucas Ainscough from TU-Automotive hosts the webinar with insights and perspectives from Jonas Rönnqvist, Volvo Director of Consumer technology Platforms and John Tuttle, Airbiquity Vice President of Engineering.

HARMAN-Airbiquity Cybersecurity Solution

Airbiquity-Harman IDS Demo Spec Sheet_Final.jpg

Demonstration Overview pdf

Automotive Grade Intrusion Detection and Prevention

On October 31st, just prior to TU-Automotive Europe 2016, HARMAN and Airbiquity announced the first automotive grade intrusion detection system (IDS) for connected vehicles.

With the increasing dependency on software to power vehicle systems and features, cybersecurity has become a threat to connected vehicles and the deployment of driving assistance, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and autonomous driving capabilities.

By combining HARMAN's Intrusion Detection and Prevention System inside the vehicle with Airbiquity's cloud-based Choreo™ service delivery platform and Software & Data Management solution, the two companies now deliver the most robust connected vehicle security threat detection and response capability for automotive customers and their consumers alike.

To learn more download the HARMAN-Airbiquity Intrusion Detection System Demo Overview here.

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