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Smart Solutions for Electric Vehicles

When it comes to electric vehicles (EVs), there are a myriad of reasons to consider buying one. Maybe a consumer is looking to contribute to a greener planet. Or radically reduce gas expenses. Or maybe he or she is looking for a car that has unusual style and performance, which stands out on the road. Whatever the reasons, EVs are catching the eye of more and more consumers every day. But that said, EVs also present a unique set of challenges.

Put simply, it’s range anxiety. The Nissan LEAF, for instance, can go 75 miles on a single charge. This means that drivers have to carefully plan both local and long driving trips, as well as pay attention to the location of charging stations, in addition to monitoring battery levels and charging status. These factors have gated mass-market adoption of EVs so far – but connectivity is the key to beginning to solve this challenge.

At Airbiquity we are doing our part to turn that around, and we’re being recognized for it. Airbiquity and Nissan North America, Inc. have teamed up on a deployment geared to helping consumers transition to the EV lifestyle seamlessly. The Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle CARWINGS Telematics Program, which uses Airbiquity’s Choreo Service Delivery Platform, allows owners to stay connected to the data and information they need to optimize their EV experience.

Airbiquity’s EV solution allows the driver to:

  • Monitor battery condition & charging status
  • Customize battery charging times & alerts
  • Access vehicle health & maintenance information
  • Locate charge stations to plan and manage trips
  • Use a smartphone and web portals for remote driver-EV interaction

And with the ability to set reminders to plug in the car and plan routes that take into consideration battery charge, distance, traffic, terrain and charging stations, the initial challenges and anxiety EV drivers face can be easily overcome. In other words, we’re taking the headache, worry and most of all research time out of owning an EV.

Airbiquity’s Choreo platform has the potential to be a game-changer for EV adoption, and we’re not the only ones that are hopeful that this is a breakthrough for the market. In fact, ITS America sees the potential in our solution that gives the automakers the capability to quickly and easily acquaint drivers with the new EV driving experience, and, as a result, has awarded us with the Smart Solution Spotlight Award for the Choreo Service Delivery Platform-enabled Cloud-Based EV Solution designed for the Nissan LEAF. Nissan North America, Inc. was also recognized by ITS America with the Smart Solution Spotlight Award for the company’s global launch of the Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle CARWINGS Telematics Program.

As one of the first global EV programs launched in ten countries and six languages, the Nissan LEAF program was a key milestone for the telematics industry. We are very proud to see our comprehensive EV solution recognized as we strive to help automakers and consumers receive the maximum benefit from their alternative-fueled vehicles through our connected vehicle solutions.Presented to Airbiquity and Nissan North America, Inc. on April 23, 2013 at the ITS America Annual Meeting and Expo, the ITS America Smart Solution Spotlight award is awarded to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies or projects that have made a real-world impact, or have demonstrated near-term potential, to improve public safety, enhance mobility, create more livable communities, strengthen economic competitiveness, or promote environmental sustainability.

For more information about Airbiquity’s EV Solution, please click here.