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Airbiquity Releases aqLink 5 In-Band Modem

Airbiquity Releases aqLink 5 In-Band Modem
Proven Technology Offers Market's Most Reliable, Trusted Data Transport Solution

SEATTLE, WA – Airbiquity (, a global leader in wireless communication solutions, today announced the worldwide availability of aqLink 5, the latest version of its patented in-band modem.

Years of telematics and wireless industry experience led to the development of aqLink 5. The new modem features enhanced speeds up to four times faster than previous versions to optimize the end-user experience. The modem also features instantaneous switching between voice and data during the same call.

The aqLink 5 modem supports a number of protocols used in telematics applications, including full duplex, half duplex and simplex modes. The ability to change the configuration for the type of call is a distinguishing characteristic for the aqLink 5 modem; for example, in simplex data transmission mode, the modem sends data in one direction while speech is transmitted in the opposite. New technology enhancements enable fully symmetrical modem connections, quickly and efficiently transmitting bi-directional data between the client and server.

Airbiquity’s aqLink in-band modem technology is a breakthrough in data communications for mobile devices. Using the voice channel of any wireless network (UMTS, GSM, CDMA), the modem technology rapidly and reliably transports high-value and mission-critical data during the course of a wireless voice conversation. The modem works through many of the standard vocoders implemented in cellular networks (AMR, GSM-FR, GSM-HR, GSM-EFR, EVRC, EVRC-B) and on a wide variety of chipsets. Airbiquity’s field-proven technology is already deployed in ten million vehicles today, is easily integrated into an OEM’s telematics business model and is being considered as part of Europe’s eCall initiative.

In conjunction with Airbiquity’s latest version of aqServer IP, a commercial off-the-shelf server that uses Airbiquity’s technology to process data received over the voice channel, aqLink 5 is the technological glue enabling a multitude of telematics services, emergency and safety response services, infotainment and concierge services for automobiles or mobile devices. Airbiquity’s platform-independent and portable software architecture enables fast and seamless integration into various products, greatly reducing cost and time-to-market requirements.

The new aqLink 5 modem offers an ideal solution for Europe’s eCall initiative, which proposes the universal use of an in-band modem in cars to contact emergency services automatically in the event of an accident. Critical crash data will be sent via the aqLink 5 modem to local emergency call centers quickly, reliably and without modifications to any of the existing mobile networks.

 “Our new aqLink 5 in-band modem includes remarkable advancements in speed and reliability of data transfer,” said Airbiquity CTO, Leon Hong. “Customers wanting to employ the wide reach of wireless networks to deploy services regionally, or internationally, can use aqLink 5 and aqServer IP for a complete and substantiated end-to-end solution.”

For a demonstration of Airbiquity’s aqLink in-band modem technology at Telematics Update Munich, November 6-7, 2008, please request a showing by email at