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DATAmatic Edge Data Platform

Automotive Data Challenges

Connected vehicles have quickly become the norm, and the data generated by those vehicles is exponentially increasing in volume, diversity, and economic value to automakers and their ecosystems. Additionally, the continued evolution of electric drivetrain, autonomous driving, personalized services, and real-time applications is reliant on access to data and analytics both on-board the vehicle at the “edge” as well as off-board in the cloud. The ability to maximize data value extraction while mitigating transmission expenses, working within target device resource limitations, and protecting consumer privacy will be essential to the success of any automaker’s data strategy and related programs.

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Airbiquity addresses these challenges with the DATAmatic Edge Data Platform, a comprehensive data lifecycle management solution and tool set for streamlining and automating development of edge analytics in complex environments. DATAmatic is a secure end-to-end platform enabling distributed computing across low and high power target processors. DATAmatic provides a powerful application development, deployment, and execution environment including permissions management for data privacy.

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The DATAmatic Edge Data Platform was built to provide OEMs and developers with many benefits:

  • Leverages a hybrid edge and cloud environment to give automakers the control they need across the entire data management lifecycle
  • Provides a secure and sophisticated analytic module development and deployment capability
  • Supports a variety of traditional and distributed electrical architectures easing integration into vehicle platforms, systems, and components
  • Provides a resilient run time environment enabling application portability while ensuring proper use of target device resources
  • Edge Analytic Bots: Preprogrammed edge analytic modules that allow DATAmatic customers to execute analytics quickly and easily


DATAmatic Edge Data Platform Features


Data Asset Identifier

Easily identify what data elements are available from individual vehicles, ECUs, and analytic modules


Data Acquisition Controller

Dynamically designate what data parameters are collected at what frequency and for what duration


Data Package Generator

Create resource efficient edge data analytic modules that are optimized to run on many target devices


Data Package Validator

Simplify analytic module development testing and validation using readily available tool chains and emulators


Data Shield

Address data security and privacy while employing state of the art data compression


Data Monitor

Ensure data analytics activity does not compromise system function of target devices, systems, and vehicles


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Customers using the DATAmatic edge data platform have access to an optional feature called DATAmatic mLink that enables data management connectivity for vehicles that don't have embedded communication devices. mLink enables secure data transfer between the vehicle and the cloud for motorcycles, scooters, and other vehicles using consumer smartphones. mLink can also reduce OEM hardware requirements and related expenses by leveraging smartphone memory resources for "store and forward" data transfer.


Service Deployment Options


DATAmatic can be deployed using a managed service model or technology license model to best meet the management and business requirements of automakers and automotive suppliers.

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Managed Service

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Technology License


Technology Integrations





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