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Intelligent Vehicle

Moving beyond infotainment

With increasing access to vehicle diagnostic and driving behavior data automakers can begin expanding their connected vehicle programs beyond infotainment into driving centric services that are personalized, contextual, and fully focused on the vehicle ownership and driving experience. This new wave of real-time service delivery will enable vehicles to proactively present highly relevant information and recommendations leading to increased consumer engagement, satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

Differentiated consumer experiences

Airbiquity’s Intelligent Vehicle offering enables driving centric services with the continual collection and analysis of vehicle diagnostic and driving behavior data, embedded TCU and smartphone connectivity options, customized HMI and app development, 3rd party data and back office IT system integration, and over-the-air (OTA) software updates. It all adds up to a powerful post-purchase consumer experience that’s branded and well differentiated from competitors.

Driving Centric Services Powered by Data and Analytics

  • Context intelligent apps and services
  • Trip reports and trend analysis
  • Vehicle health reports and notifications
  • Driver monitor, limits, and alerts
  • Dealer location and service scheduling
  • Driver reports and coaching
  • Vehicle tracking and geo-fencing
  • Driver smartphone app
  • Safety Driving Reports

  • Economy Driving Reports

  • Vehicle Health Alerts

  • Vehicle Location Alerts