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LOGmatic Data Logging Platform

Efficient Data Collection

A fundamental step in connected vehicle data management is the selection and collection of data sets to power analytics in the cloud. One approach is to collect­­—or log—all the data generated by the vehicle, but this approach is increasingly inefficient due to the cost of transmitting large amounts of data from the vehicle and storing it in the cloud. Another more efficient approach is to dynamically log data sets that align with specific analytic objectives, some of which may change over time.

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Airbiquity enables efficient data logging with the LOGmatic Data Logging Platform, a simple to integrate and flexible to use platform that allows secure, configurable, dynamic data logging and transmission with minimized ECU resource utilization and protection.

  • Sophisticated and Dynamic Data Logging: Portal-based targeted control of data element acquisition and transmission
  • Efficient Data Element Discoverability: Easily discover, publish, and filter available vehicle data
  • Compliance with Data Privacy Policies and Regulations: Data element permissions tracking and reporting

LOGmatic Features


Data Asset Identifier

Easily identify what data elements are available from individual vehicles, ECUs, and software applications


Data Acquisition Controller

Dynamically designate what data parameters are collected, when they are collected, and with what priority and frequency


Data Shield

Ensure data security and privacy while employing industry-proven data compression


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Customers using the LOGmatic data logging platform have access to an optional feature called LOGmatic mLink that enables connectivity for vehicles that don't use embedded communication devices for data collection. mLink enables safe and secure data logging for motorcycles, scooters, and other vehicles using consumer smartphones. mLink can also reduce OEM hardware requirements and related expenses by leveraging smartphone memory resources for "store and forward" data transfer.

Service Deployment Options


LOGmatic can be deployed using a managed service model or technology license model to best meet the management and business requirements of automakers and automotive suppliers.


managed Service.png

Managed Service

technology license.png

Technology License