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Service Management

Differentiation requires control

Connected vehicle programs are increasingly important for leading automakers to differentiate vehicle brands and models from the competition and enhancing consumer satisfaction and loyalty. However, achieving program differentiation mandates a high degree of control.

Strategic and operational imperatives

Controlling connected vehicle programs at scale—for millions of vehicles and subscribers around the world—is a strategic and operational imperative. The goal is clear: efficiently configure, launch, and continually manage service delivery, including over-the-air (OTA) software updates and 24/7 data collection and management to keep programs on the cutting-edge.

Industry Leading Service Management

Airbiquity empowers automotive customers with the most robust service delivery management capability in the industry. Using a private and secure web portal, automakers manage every aspect of their program deployment—including service delivery configuration and policy settings at the make, model, trim, country, and application level.

  • User Account Administration

  • App Portfolio Management

  • App Policy Control

  • Vehicle and owner account management
  • Service launch and inventory management
  • Configuration by make, model, trim, and country
  • Discreet policy definitions and settings
  • Pricing, billing, payments, and terms
  • User administration and activity audits

Knowledge is power

Historical and real-time data is critical for optimizing connected vehicle programs and user experiences. Airbiquity's Business Intelligence capability collects and reports program utilization data in alignment with designated metrics and performance goals. Program data can also be exported to IT systems and analytic resources for additional analysis.